Agitators KIESEL

Agitators KIESEL


KIESEL Agitators are handy and mobile units for mixing liquids of watery viscosity in wine- and champagne-, grape-juice cellars, distilleries as well as in the whole beverage industry.


  • Production of homogeneous liquid mixtures, even when different ingredients have different weights
  • Emulsification of septic compounds, distillation and homogenization
  • Acceleration of reaction and dissolution processes: eg fermentation, dissolution of sugar and sugar solutions,
  • Activation of poorly fermented yeast,
  • Beverage industry (wine, beer, German sparkling wine, candy, spirits, yeast, liqueurs, syrups, concentrated juice)
  • Food industry (syrup, broth, molasses, honey, glucose) ,
  • Cosmetics industry (shampoos, essences, concentrates, creams)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (suspensions, emulsions, creams)
  • In many other branches of industry, such as agriculture, textiles, paper mills and sugar.


Stainless steel mixer holder, wheeled
With frequency converter

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