Fermentation tank

Fermentation tank

FERMENTATION TANK with pneumatic system for immersing “hat”, type FCP

Made of stainless steel with conical lid and inclined flat bottom, on legs, is a tank which ensures the technological process of immersing "hat" essential to produce high-quality wines.


Upper manhole
Air vent valve
Pneumatic system for immersing „hat” with
– Pneumatic cylinder
– Immersing blades
Rectangular manhole
Sample valve
Level indicator
Thermal jacket
Temperature sensor
Partial inlet/outlet valve
Total outlet valve
Draining strainer
Electric panel
Height adjustable legs

Cleaning spray ball
Inert gas valve

Volum V / m³ Diameter D/ mm Total height H/mm
5 1783 3600
10 2024 5400
12 2139 5800
15 2359 6500
20 2400 6000
25 2400 6600
Formular cerere ofertă

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